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Mitchells Solicitors delivers quality advice, friendly service and thorough solutions to your legal problems. The firm has expertise in particular areas of law, most significantly in the areas of wills, trusts, estate disputes and litigation, family law, elder law, the law for disabled children and adults, and property and conveyancing.

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Our friendly and experienced team
Bryan Mitchell
Bryan Mitchell
Principal & Accredited Specialist Succession Law (Qld)
Bryan is a specialist in estate litigation and estate planning. He offers his clients friendly and expert advice in all matters relating to wills, trusts and estates. Bryan enjoys a fresh espresso, a T-bone steak, growing chilli plants, being a dad to four children and listening to Josh Groban.
David Graham
David Graham
Senior Associate
Since 2005, David has been our general, estates and commercial litigation lawyer. He’ll handle anything except family law! He enjoys a French Fougasse, a good cheese, and the first espresso in the morning. He likes reading Dickens, cycling, playing guitar and cooking.
Cheryl Bentley
Cheryl Bentley
Senior Associate
Cheryl is widely experienced in many areas of the law but now practices family law exclusively. She has a particular interest in children’s issues and resolving difficult parental conflicts. Cheryl enjoys vegetarian food, ice-cold moscato, the ocean, painting and gardening.
Kylee Ghodsi
Kylee Ghodsi
Senior Associate
Kylee spent the first ten years of her career practicing Family Law and now handles Estate Administration exclusively. She is currently studying a Masters degree in Wills & Estates. She has been with Mitchells for over 15 years and serves as a director of the Australian Refugee Connection.
Tim O’Dwyer
Tim O’Dwyer
Tim conducted his own legal practice in Logan City for years. He is well-known as a real estate consumer advocate and writes regularly for newspapers, journals, magazines and online. He also appears on A Current Affair regularly. He enjoys reading crime novels, gourmet sandwiches and the odd Ouzo and coke.
Adele Bentham
Adele Bentham
Adele has a particular interest in family law, and also handles commercial transactions and litigation matters. In her spare time, he volunteers at the Women’s Legal Centre and enjoys reading, netball, cooking, chocolate, green tea and watching The Sound of Music.
Kate Muller
Kate Muller
Kate has been practicing almost exclusively in Succession Law since her admission. She works with Bryan in drawing up wills, establishing discretionary trusts and minimising the risk of estate litigation. Kate is a busy mum of three boys and is an avid Game of Thrones fan.

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