Need some advice on how to sell your home? We offer some tips from the perspective of seeing real estate contracts fall over, in breach or fought over in court.

Selling a house can be complex, however, there are some ways that selling can be made easier. Compiled below are some straightforward ways you can sell your property with as few hassles as possible. First, Tim O’Dwyer, solicitor and property law expert, gives his top tips if you want to sell your home:

  • An auction is not always the best option for a seller
  • Before you sign anything, obtain legal advice
  • Ask your neighbours if they want to buy prior to putting it on the market; you may save on agents fees
  • Get a building and pest inspection report done before putting the house on the market

However, there are many more tips which will allow you to sell your house faster and get more interest in a smaller amount of time.

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Selling any form of property can take time, especially if you are looking to sell during a time when the market is extremely slow. Even if the market is booming, it may take a while before people consider looking at your property due to the competition in your area and number of properties being listed. The first tip for selling a property is patience. You may not get a bite in the first month, but that doesn’t mean your property is not going to sell.

It may be tempting to consider saving money when trying to sell your house. This may mean you choose to sell it alone and not bother with the fees of going through a real estate agent. However, agents specialise in marketing and getting your house to the public. The extra expense of allowing someone to promote your property can be worth it, especially if you sell your home for more than you expected. In saying that, make sure you do not choose the wrong real estate agent to work with you. The wrong choice could result in an unhappy experience and a low selling price. There are also unscrupulous agents in the industry, which can cost you thousands of dollars and be stressful. If you find that you have hired someone that you don’t trust, then don’t stick with that agent. You can easily find another one.

Choosing the correct price for your property is also vitally important for selling your property. Overpricing can quickly turn away potential buyers. It is important to remember that buyers are looking for the best deal while you are looking for the highest price, therefore it’s always better to meet in the middle. Setting your property at a slightly lower price than what you first thought may actually result in competition, and buyers pushing up the price as they compete. The price of your home is always best to be discussed with multiple real estate agents to get a general idea on how you should list.

sell your home, buying a property, real estate law, real estate, property lawFocusing on cleaning your property and maintenance will definitely assist you in selling your house. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not cleaning their house and presenting it in a mess. Even the outside of the house is important to keep clean, as the first impression lasts. When you take pictures of your property, make sure its cleaned to the best of your ability. Pick up the toys and wipe down the kitchen bench, it can make such a difference! Pulling out weeds and cleaning up the dog poo is also a brilliant idea. It may be hard, but it’s a good idea to keep the outside presentation clean while the house is up for sale, as you never know what potential buyer may drive past.

Last, it is incredibly important to read the fine print. When selling your house, you usually sign standard contracts to sell your home. However, most sellers usually just quickly sign and don’t bother reading the fine print. Once you have signed, you now must follow all the terms and conditions of the contract. If you’re not sure what you’ve signed, you may end up having adhere to conditions you don’t want. You may accidentally agree to having to undertake maintenance before you settle or end up accidentally handing over your dishwasher. The best way to ensure this does not happen is by reading your contract over with your solicitor. Legal advice is essential during the process of buying or selling.

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