Stash some money on the side that your spouse doesn’t know about, so you have something to start with after your divorce.

worst divorce advice, divorce, separation, family law, how to get a divorceWhile there is nothing wrong with having money available to support yourself after your divorce, hiding that money from your spouse, and pretending it is not there is fraud. The Family Law Act requires full and frank disclosure of the financial affairs of both partners who have to swear an oath and set out a complete statement of income, expenses, assets, financial resources and liabilities.  The duty of disclosure is ongoing, so if there are changes in parties situations or facts come to light that were hidden even years after orders were made, then it can be a basis for asking the Court to change orders. The court in recent years has been very harsh on people who have not fully and frankly disclosed their proper financial position.

Become Verbally Abusive

Just about everyone who gets a divorce argues. Not everyone, however, engages in continuous verbal battles in which threats and vile accusations become routine forms of communication. Being on the receiving end of this abuse is demoralizing, especially when the threats raise the possibility of physical harm to you or your children.
You need to discuss any threats of this type with your lawyer, who can advise you on how to deal with them. Furthermore, if it is you who’s engaging in the verbal abuse, remember that your spouse can easily obtain an order of protection and any violation of this order can land you in jail.

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